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Government resources to help community-benefit organizations find the resources that can make a difference to their success. Find grants, microloans, partnership opportunities, business training, counseling, and more…

Building Financial Capability: A Planning Guide for Integrated Services
  • The HHS Office of Community Services offers this interactive guide for community-based organizations interested in integrating financial capability services into existing programs (such as housing, job training, or Head Start programs). The tools in the guide walk organizations step-by-step through the process of developing a plan, beginning with developing a deeper understanding of clients’ financial circumstances and identifying which financial capability services can help them improve their situations. The guide also includes tools to help organizations determine how best to provide financial capability services—whether through referrals, partnerships, or in-house.

Federal Resources
  • Grant and Per Diem Program – The Grant and Per Diem (GPD) Program is offered annually (as funding permits) by the VA to fund community-based agencies providing transitional housing or service centers for homeless Veterans. Under the Capital Grant Component VA may fund up to 65% of the project for the construction, acquisition, or renovation of facilities or to purchase van(s) to provide outreach and services to homeless Veterans. Per Diem is available to grantees to help off-set operational expenses. Non-Grant programs may apply for Per Diem under a separate announcement, when published in the Federal Register, announcing the funding for “Per Diem Only.” If your organization is interested in applying for funding, please visit the Grant/Per Diem website for further information.
  • Stand Downs – Stand Down events are typically one- to three-day events organized by Community-Based Veterans Services Organization, Non-Profit Organizations, and Veterans Service Offices with cooperation from a variety of state, federal, and private agencies. Vital services, such as: food, shelter, clothing, health screenings, benefits counseling, and referrals to a variety of other necessary services such as housing, employment, and substance abuse treatment, are provided. In addition, access to Homeless Courts where Veterans are able to resolve minor violations and warrants, are also available. These critical services are often the catalyst that enables homeless veterans to reenter mainstream society. Annually, CalVet allocates discretionary funds in support of State-wide Stand Down events. Any veteran service provider desiring to conduct a Homeless Veterans Stand Down may be eligible for a grant from the California Department of Veterans Affairs, please contact the Homeless Veterans Coordinator at 877-741-8532 for further information.

  • California Organized Investment Network (COIN) is a program that serves as a facilitator, educator and liaison between insurers and community organizations and as a clearinghouse of community investment opportunities. COIN works with community organizations that are seeking investment capital to identify investment opportunities for potential investors in the insurance industry. COIN’s searchable database is located at Additional information is available by phone at (916) 492-3525

  • Proud Parenting Program – The Proud Parenting Program supports projects implemented by community-based organizations and other local agencies willing to serve at-risk youth, including teen parents and youthful offenders on parole from the California Youth Authority (CYA). The Board of Corrections (BOC) assumed responsibility for administering this program in April 2005. On July 1, 2005, as part of the Governor’s government reorganization plan, the BOC was renamed to the Corrections Standards Authority (CSA). Proud Parenting


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